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About Pine & Zest

At Pine & Zest Events we are committed to bringing your dream event to life. Our goal is to create an experience that is timeless and full of energy. That’s where the name of our company comes from. A Pine Tree represents longevity through its evergreen color. Zest, is all about bringing a fresh perspective and energy to your event. We bring the zest and take away the stress.

Photos by Amy Spirito Photography

About Talia

Hi, I’m Talia, 

Expert bridesmaid turned events planner extraordinaire (12 down, 15 to go to catch up to Katherine Heigl #27dresses)

I was born and raised in the Greater Boston area (Go Sox!), and grew up in a hospitality family business. Bringing people together is in my blood whether for a small dinner party, or life’s biggest moments- they’re all important. I have over 5 years of event planning expertise, including small intimate events, multicultural weddings, 1,500 person galas and everything in between. For some, event planning can be overwhelming, but I love to dig into the details and make it a seamless experience for you. Getting to know you and what you care about is my number one priority, and helps me make sure that I am turning your celebration dreams into reality. 

When I am not making to-do lists creating budgets, building floor plans, arranging bouquets and project planning, you can find me spending time with my husband Eytan, family and friends, baking challah and babka, hiking across the world or watching Netflix originals on the couch and drinking a venti caramel macchiato. Some of my favorite foods include sushi and popcorn, and my spirit animal is a giraffe. 

Let’s start planning! I cannot wait to learn more about you and infuse your event with zest and take away the stress! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything and anything! We plan weddings, birthday parties, mitzvahs, nonprofit, corporate events, and everything in between!

Pine & Zest customizes your proposal with the relevant event services to you but here is a list of the services we provide:

  • Book Your Vendor Dream Team
  • Personalized and Thoughtful Event Design
  • Build Your Budget, Expense and Payment Tracking
  • Review Vendor Contracts and Contract Negotiation
  • Complete and Total Management of Vendor Communications
  • Creation of all necessary event planning documents (Master planning doc, planning timeline, floorplans, guest RSVP tracker, event run of show, inventory etc.)
  • Event planning timeline management
  • Tracking of all details and inventory (save the dates, invitations, hospitality bags, giveaways, place cards, procession cards, etc.)
  • Host Regular Planning Meetings
  • Day of Management and Coordination

PHASE 1 – Meet Pine & Zest

  • Set up a FREE consultation call
  • We will create a custom event proposal after our initial consultation
  • Once you move forward, we will send a contract along with a 50% deposit

PHASE 2 – Planning 

  • Kick off planning – we will begin with a general information intake form where we learn more about you and your event
  • We will keep a custom planning event folder for each client which includes high level events timeline, up to date to-do list, and documents relevant to your event

PHASE 3 – Booking and Initial Design

  • This phase will vary depending on how far you are in the planning process 
  • We will learn more about your preferences and after extensive research, Pine & Zest chooses top 3 vendors for each category (caterer, DJ, etc.)
  • Client chooses who they want to move forward with
  • In this phase we will also create a initial design plan tailored to your event and create an events timeline

PHASE 4 – Chill and Relax

  • Your event is coming up! It’s time to get excited and pumped!

PHASE 5 – Final Details

  • Finalizing different orders for vendors (catering menu, music playlist, invitation, communications, giveaway prizes, RSVPs and table assignments, printed materials, decorations)
  • We will also go do a Final Walkthrough with you before the event

We are based in Sharon, MA. We have planned events all over the East Coast and look forward to the next destination!

This is YOUR event so we want it to feel like it is for YOU. We want to make your vision come to life, so it is important to tell us what you like or don’t like. If you don’t have a vision in mind, that is ok too – we love a good brainstorm and we will help spark ideas to build your vision. 

Here are the general responsibilities for the client:

  • The Guest List – While we would love to know all the important people in your life, unfortunately we don’t. So we lean on you to create your guest, but don’t worry, we have templates and proven ways to collect all necessary information in a very intuitive way.
  • Vendor Contracts and Payments – We will help negotiate and review contracts and send payment reminders, but it is ultimately your responsibility to sign and pay for all vendor costs. No payment to other vendors goes through P&Z. Clients pay their vendors directly.
  • Communication is Key – We will set up the best communication style and cadence for our event together. Every client is different and we adapt. Once we get in our groove it is also extremely important to be responsive in communication and honest about your opinion.

We work on a flat fee pricing model. The price that you see on your custom proposal is what you are paying for our services. Only other payments made to Pine & Zest events are any pre-approved out of pockets expenses incurred during the planning process.

  • Price will vary based on the event scope, location, and timeline
  • Costs include services P&Z offers (refer to What services does Pine & Zest offer?)
  • Also depends on how far you are in the planning process
  • Flat Fee – 50% upfront after signing contract, 50% by event day

We have worked on event timelines with a few days to plan all the way up to over 18 Months to plan. The answer is …

  • As soon as possible – The moment you are set on this event to happen, fill out our form under the Contacts tab then schedule a FREE consultation call in our follow up email. 
  • Just keep in mind the shorter the timeline the more valuable our time is.
  • It is important to plan your event in advance to avoid extra costs and book all the vendors you want on time. The longer you wait, it is less likely that a vendor will be available on the event day.

Because you want planning to be FUN and not stressful. We want you to enjoy this milestone event and take in the amazing people you are gathering around you.

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